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January 27, 2022 0

Redux: Furry Faces

By Arts & contexts

went hunting in the archives for some of the more memorable - i.e. memorably unbalanced - that the Review has published


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May 7, 2021 0

Catarina… [a note based on the work of Tiago Rodrigues]

By Filipe Daniel

This piece with all the characteristics mentioned became the target of criticism and support. Repudiation and praise, however, the text that follows does not intend to evaluate the work in question,...


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February 18, 2022 0

The painting of the multifaceted Barbara Norris

By Rui Freitas

Barbara Norris is extremely prolific and rarely stops. With the same readiness he paints a still life, a portrait or a landscape and with equal ease creates an abstract or neo-surrealist work.